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Not surprisingly, we love comics and have read a lot of them.  Our mission is "Helping you discover your favorite comics," and the best way of doing that is pointing out what we've enjoyed reading.  Here's a list of reviews of some store and customer favorites.  See something that sounds like your kind of comic?  Ask us about it next time you're in the store, or add it to the Comments section when you submit our Weekly Pull Checklist!

Have a review for a graphic novel that you'd like us to share here?  E-mail the name of the book and your up-to-200 word count review, along with the name you'd like to have the review credited to.  We reserve the right to edit for size and content.  We also reserve the right to not publish submitted reviews.


Graphic Novels & Collections

Afrodisiac (recommended by Brandon)

The Bulletproof Coffin (recommended by Brandon)

Comic Book History of Comics (recommended by Brandon)


Single Issues

Dial H (series) (recommended by Dan)

Superior Spider-Man #1 (recommended by Brandon)


Back Issues

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (recommended by Brandon)